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“As Fires Die Down, California Restaurant Recovery Gears Up; Northern California Operators Say They’re in for a Long Haul”
Nation’s Restaurant News, 10.20.17
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“Meet the Farmer: Epicurean Group Events Let Farmer and Diners Mix and Mingle”
Edible Silicon Valley, Fall + Holiday 2017
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“Lunch is Served”
Marin Magazine, September 2017
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“Fine Dining at Sacred Heart Prep”
The Heartbeat, 4.28.17
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“Dominican University Joins the Slow Bean Movement”
On-Campus Hospitality, April 2017
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“Top 50 Contract Management Companies 2017 – Epicurean Group Profile”
Food Management Online, 3.28.17
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“Top 50 Contract Management Companies 2017 – Epicurean Group”
Food Management, 3.4.17
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“Reinventing Food Service with a Focus on Fresh, Honest, Local”
Slow Food USA Blog, 1.27.17
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“2016 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award Winners Honored”
CalEPA Website Newsroom, 1.19.17
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“GreenTown Los Altos Honors CEO Mary Clark Bartlett with Environmental Hero Award at Annual Farm to Table Dinner”
Los Altos Town Crier, 12.28.16
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“Farm To Table: A Community Gathers To Support Sustainable Living”
GreenTown Los Altos Blog, 11.20.16
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“Celebrating Food”
Food and Drink, Winter 2016
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“A Sustainable Philosophy”
On-Campus Hospitality 2016 Sustainability Report, October 2016
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“Welcome to Terra Madre!
Celebrating Good, Clean and Fair food.”
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"Epicurean Group: Offering Sustainable, Farm-to-Table Dining
to Corporate and Institutional Clients Across Northern California and Beyond."
US Business Executive, Spring 2016
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"Marin Catholic High School Chooses Fair Trade"
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"6 Companies to Watch"
Food Management, 3.15.16
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"Top 50 Contract Management Companies"
Food Management, 3.15.16
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"High School Achieves Fair Trade Certification"
Food Management, 3.1.16
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"15 Pie in the Sky Pizza Ideas"
Food Management, 2.25.16
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"Pie in the Sky"
Food Management, 2.25.16
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"Marin Catholic Leads in Fair Trade Initiative"
Catholic San Francisco, 1.28.16
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"Farm Forward: Planting the Seeds for the Future of
Family Farms"
Edible Silicon Valley, Winter Edition
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"Marin Catholic Becomes County's First Fair Trade School"
Marin Independent Journal, Human Rights and Civil Liberties section, 12.11.15
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"Food for Thought"
The Monarch, December 2015
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"6 Great Grass-fed Beef Recipes"
Food Management, 11.23.15
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"Epicurean Group Supports Community Service Efforts"
Los Altos Town Crier, 11.25.15
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"Grass-fed Beef Builds Its Case"
Food Management, 11.23.15
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"Upscale Eatery Serves Growing Corporate Complex: Arcade Café Emphasizes Scratch-Cooked Choices & Local Ingredients"
Food Management, 11.6.15
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"The Taste of Santa Clara Valley"
CAFF Facebook album, 10.17.15
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"Northside Arcade Restaurant Offers Michelin Star Quality
at Cafeteria Prices"
Santa Clara Weekly, 9.15.15
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"Taste of the Santa Clara Valley Connects Consumers With
Local Farmers"
SanJose.com, Metro, 10.7.15
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"Mary Clark Bartlett: Putting Her Money Where Her Values Are"
University of San Francisco Online, Changemaker, 9.28.15
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"Arcade Café: Epicurean Dining in Santa Clara"
Los Gatos Magazine, Bay Dining Guide, 6.18.15
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"Organic Garden Installed at Holy Names University"
The Montclarion, 4.17.15
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"Burger, Please, Side of Integrity"
The Food Party blog, 4.9.15
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"Healthy Eating" Issue Features Epicurean Group's Ancient Grains
Program & Recipes in National Nutrition Month Cover Story
On-Campus Hospitality, April 2015
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"Epicurean Group General Manager Establishes Organic Kitchen Garden on Holy Names University Campus"
Holy Names University News Release, 3.25.15
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"Epicurean Group Becomes Slow Food USA Business Partner"
Slow Food USA Website
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"Epicurean Group Dishes an Epic Feast to Benefit
Santa Clara County Farm Bureau"
Edible Silicon Valley Blog, Fall 2014
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"Good, Clean and Fair"
Panel Discussion with Mary Clark Bartlett
SV-TAGS, Comcast Channel 15, 8.27.14
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"A Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley"
USF School of Management Newsroom, 10.2.14
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Farm-To-Table Harvest Celebration September 20,
co-sponsored by Epicurean Group, benefits Santa Clara County Farm Bureau.
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"Winners: Mary Clark Bartlett"
Newsday, 7.27.14
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"Bartlett named
'A Woman of Influence' "
On Campus Hospitality, July 2014
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"Mary Clark Bartlett:
Fresh, Honest, Local"
Los Altos Town Crier, 5.28.14
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"Epicurean Group's Mary Clark Bartlett:
Serving Sustainability"
Los Altos Town Crier, 4.16.14
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"We Couldn't Do It Without You!"
GreenTown Los Altos Announcement, 2014, various publications
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"Mary Clark Bartlett of Epicurean Group | Women of
Influence 2014"
San Jose Business Journal, 4.4.14
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"East Meets West"
Gastronome magazine, 2014 Edition
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"Compostables vs Biodegradables - Founding the
GreenTown Co-op"
The Better Part, Epicurean Group YouTube Channel, 2.17.14
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"Corporate Insight: Mary Clark Bartlett, CEO & Founder,
Epicurean Group"
SHFM Presidents Quarterly, February, 2014
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"Food, Glorious Food!"
@CSUS, 1.28.14
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"Epicurean Group CEO Receives Top Honor"
Food & Hospitality at Work, December, 2013
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"Seven Chefs and A Steer, From Head to Tail"
Edible Innovators, Edible Silicon Valley, Winter 2014
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"New Food Service Provider Focuses on Fresh, Natural
and Organic Foods"
The Dragon, Winter 2014 Sustainability Issue
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"Photo Highlights of the Santa Clara County Farm Bureau
Harvest Dinner - and a Bonus Recipe"
Edible Silicon Valley Blog, 11.9.13
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"The Antonin Carême Medal"
The Culinarian, October, 2013
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"Corporate Caterer Targets Large Scale, Local Feel"
Los Altos Town Crier, 9.4.13
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"Workplace Café: Outside In"
Foodservice Consultant, Americas Edition #3, 2013
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"Mary Clark Bartlett: How I Scored Catering Gigs with
Big Tech Firms"
Silicon Valley Business Journal, 4.5.13
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"New Operator to Spice Up Marin Civic Center Café"
Marin Independent Journal, 4.19.13
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"New Catering Firm in Line to Take Over Marin Civic Center
Cafeteria Operation"
Marin Independent Journal, 4.13.13
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"Epicurean Group: Exceptional, Conscientious Foodservice
US Business Executive, Winter, 2013
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"From the Ground Up: Pathways to Entrepreneurial Success"
Epicurean Group YouTube channel, 1.13.13
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"Mary Clark Bartlett Inaugurates 2012
James Durbin Entrepreneurship Series"
News From Holy Names University, 10.12.12
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“Green Efforts at the Bay View Café”
On-Campus Hospitality, April, 2012
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"The A List: Mary Clark Bartlett"
Gentry, April, 2012
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"GreenTown Los Altos Celebrates Water Exhibit, Sustainably"
GreenTown Los Altos Blog, 3.4.12
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"Grazing in the Grass — On Creating a Sustainable Food System"
Champion Organic Communications — Sustainability Blog, 11.20.11
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"Epicurean Group Plans for Farmers Markets in 2012,
Sells Organic Produce in Bay View Café"
Today at Berkeley Lab, 11.14.11
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"Epicurean Group's Bay View Café Offers Tasty Special Events
in November"
Today at Berkeley Lab, 11.2.11
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"Transforming Trash: GreenTown Business Co-op Provides Alternative to Styrofoam"
Los Altos Town Crier, 10.12.11
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"Epicurean Group Hosts Farmers Market at Berkeley Lab"
Today at Berkeley Lab, 10.7.11
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"Epicurean Group's Compostable Stickers"
Plan It Green Printing — Green Blog, 3.10.11
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At Epicurean Group, we believe that putting food on the table is just the beginning of our job. We set the highest standards in the industry for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.”
Mary Clark Bartlett,
Founder and CEO,
Epicurean Group