Epicurean group
We believe that putting food on the table is just the beginning of our job. We set the highest standards in the industry for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices. In 2009, Epicurean Group was one of the first food service management companies awarded Bay Area Green Business certification.

Because Epicurean Group is an independent company with no national purchasing requirements, we have the freedom to buy from local farmers, fishermen, ranchers and artisans. Here, in Northern California, we're fortunate to have the best food sources in the country right at our fingertips. The majority of our food purchases are sourced locally, within a 150-mile radius, so our food doesn't have to fly across the country before it lands on your plate. That's sustainable — and it supports the same communities where we all live and work.

Epicurean Group promotes sustainable practices. To eliminate Styrofoam® and non-recyclable plastics used in our restaurants, Epicurean Group established the GreenTown Co-op, an innovative non-profit buyers' cooperative that is replacing petroleum-based products with compostable materials to reduce landfill waste. An estimated 21 tons of trash annually have been kept out of the landfill as a result of the co-op. Epicurean Group also is a member of Slow Food® and supports their Good, Clean, and Fair sustainable food model and education efforts. Our Go Greener! program educates customers and clients about the ways we are reducing waste in our cafés and what they can do to help.

Epicurean Group's Sustainable Practices:
  • We establish an eco-friendly waste reduction program in all of our facilities.
  • We cook from scratch — never from cans. There's nothing processed or artificial in our food. We chose ingredients that are low in sodium, sugar and fat.
  • We buy all of our seafood according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch guidelines for sustainability.
  • There is no MSG or other chemical additives in our food, and we purchase antibiotic-free poultry and beef.
  • We seek out foods that are not genetically modified (GMO-free.)
  • We buy fair trade coffee and chocolate products.
  • We purchase cage-free chicken eggs and hormone-free (non-rBGH) dairy products from local vendors.
  • We use non-hydrogenated canola oil in our fryers to eliminate trans-fats in fried foods.
  • We establish sustainable gardens to educate diners about our delicious fresh food.
Please accept our sincere thanks for your sponsorship of Slow Food South Bay's educational event. It was truly a spectacular evening, made all the more so by the delicious, organic food you served. The food, presentation and service were all top-notch and truly a cause for celebration.”
Peg Champion,
Vice Chair,
Slow Food South Bay