Epicurean Group is a food-service management company headquartered in Northern California and dedicated to sustainable dining. We specialize in corporate and campus restaurants, fine arts and distinctive community dining and provide exceptional catering services for discerning customers.

Current Events

Epicurean Group Director of Purchasing Roy Bischoff Receives Antonin Carême Medal  The Chef’s Association of the Pacific Coast, Inc. honored Roy Bischoff, Director of Purchasing for Epicurean Group, with the prestigious Antonin Carême medal at a black-tie ceremony… Read More »


With rains coming down and winds picking up, we just want to turn our ovens on and hunker in the warmth of our homes. Deeply caramelized roasted vegetables, slow simmered stews, hearty grains and rib sticking fare seem to be the order of the day. We hope you enjoy our roasted butternut squash with sage! See the Winter Recipe »


Mary Clark Bartlett Addresses USF School of Management Grads “We as a society must be conscious of our choices and their effect on future generations,…our country, and the world,” states Epicurean Group CEO Mary Clark Bartlett in her commencement address to USF School of Management graduates…. Watch Video »